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Prescription drug abuse is a problem in Colorado, as it is in many other states. But Colorado is leading the way with a coordinated, statewide effort branded as Take Meds Seriously to deliver three distinct messages about prescription medicines - Use Them Safely, Store Them Safely and Dispose of Them Safely. The Governor’s Office wanted to create and execute a campaign to raise the level of public awareness surrounding this issue. Jenuine worked with the representatives from the Governor’s Office and the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention (Consortium). 


Online strategies were three fold – website, online media (earned and paid) and social media. A comprehensive website was created to educate the public on the three main message areas. Additionally, the site offers a section on the problem of prescription drug misuse and abuse providing relevant Colorado and national statistics, common myths about the problem and real life video stories from Colorado families.


After six month of promotion the website had over 57,000 visits with more than 79,500 page views. The most popular pages on the site turn out to be content on disposal options, Colorado statistics on the problem, the events page and the quiz from the home page to test your knowledge of prescription misuse and abuse. Social media content is well received and used regularly by the Consortium.

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