Chris Jenuine

senior creative / copywriter 

Digital, traditional, electronic, broadcast, social, video, matter the media, the best
and most effective messaging is always built around a great concept; a central idea. That's why, as athinker, writer and creative, I'm constantly pushing and working hard to deliver smart, strategic and unexpected solutions that turn heads, connect emotionally and move people to act. Have a look

around my site here and you'll see what I mean. There's award-winning work for an eclectic range of products
(Honda, McDonald's, Boppy)services (Centura Health, Wyndham Hotels, Pinnacle Bank) and causes
(Colorado Persistent Drunk Driving, Tobacco Free Colorado, Mother's Connection). You'll also see that I've been
doing this for a while and offer loads of proven, practical, in-the-trenches experience creating and growing 
pretty well known–and several not-yet-so-well-known–brands. So gimme a call and let me do the same for you and yours.

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