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Jenuine Reviews

Chris is one of the most creative, patient, and accommodating creative professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. He has an ease with clients that make selling in his great work that much easier, and is great about balancing creative integrity and client/account team requests. His work is smart and strategic, and anyone that has the pleasure of working with him will quickly see it for themselves.

Vanessa Louis

Brand Storyteller /

 Experience Maker

Chris Jenuine is a very talented writer with an amazing ability to translate even the most complex product features into differentiated, benefit-laden marketing communication that rings the register. Chris asks the searching, relevant and insightful questions to ensure his recom-mended ideas, concepts, mess-ages and copy treatments are on strategy for the brand. To top this off, working together with Chris is always a pleasure. I can strongly recommend Chris Jenuine!

Jan Barnett

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris strives for the very best every time! He consistently interweaves creative thought, strategic direction and executional ease to develop relevant and engaging marketing materials. Beyond his creative vision there is also a shrewd business man, who is very aware of time-lines, budgets, costs, etc. With Chris, it's the best product at the best price and always on time.

Cheryl Cassaly

Marketing Leadership

Chris has a gift for words. His ability to transform complex strategies into clever campaigns is amazing. Unlike some creative guys who don't listen to account managers and read creative briefs, Chris understands the im-portance of being on strategy. He will listen, ask questions and come back with a campaign strategy or copy that is dead on! Chris is a pleasure to work with and leaves his ego at the door. I highly recommend Chris Jenuine! 
Paul Louderman​
Vice President of Account Management

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